South Texas Herpetology Association


We won't have our educational display at the rodeo this year (Feb 2016), but will be there next year. Our plan is to go every other year

Feb 2016 - See updated meeting location and board of directors.


Welcome to the South Texas Herpetology Association Home Page. STHA members are a diverse group of people who share a common interest in the natural history, conservation, and husbandry of reptiles and amphibians. STHA offers a variety of activities and educational opportunities for our members and the general public. Monthly meetings are open to all. STHA members participate in field trips, camp-outs, and other social events, and provide volunteer services to local communities. Community services include lectures on reptiles and amphibians provided to school groups, scouting groups, and industry groups. Community outreach includes educational displays of Texas reptiles at local public events for the purpose of providing Texans with an appreciation of the unique herpetofauna of our state. Public service also includes the STHA Reptile Rescue Program conducted in cooperation with state and local government whereby volunteers remove unwanted reptiles from residential areas.

Please explore our site to learn more about our organization and how you and your family can join the South Texas Herpetology Association.